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About us

Hub for sustainable development enthusiasts.

Since 2002, Cataléthique has been enabling Québec's business community to discuss the major issues of sustainable development and social responsibility.

Our business network aims to channel corporate leadership towards the creation of a community that is supportive and respectful of its environment. How can we achieve this? Through exchange, dialogue and, more importantly, simply by having a drink!


Agents of change.

The Cataléthique team is a board of directors committed to integrating sustainable development into business practices.

Marie Nothomb


Camille Brun-Jolicoeur

Board member

Julie Payet

Board member

Alexandre Kaya-Vanlier


Alizée Thiry

Board member

Mareva Cestor

Board member

Isabelle Souffrant

Board member
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Our origins

The first cocktail-conferences on sustainable development in Montreal.

Created in May 2002 as the Montreal branch of Net Impact Professional, Cataléthique is now an apolitical, neutral and independent organization.

"Cataléthique" is a combination of "catalysis", which refers to an agent that induces and accelerates a reaction, and "ethics". As such, our organization seeks to induce positive changes on the economy, society and the environment.

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